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We are currently offering free classes and early bird discounts of $25 AUD per hour for Year 11 and 12 Physics and Chemistry. All our classes have moved online. We use Zoom to teach our classes online.

We have a combined 100% band 5 and band 6 success rate!

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Our History

We are a team of dedicated tutors who have many years of experience tutoring in Physics and Chemistry. When we teach, we identify the key areas that our students need help with and focus on them to help our students improve. From our years of tutoring, we have optimised our lesson plans, crafted our tutorial notes, revised and updated them frequently. Yearly, our students have produced stellar results and we are very pleased that our students have benefited from our tutoring service. Furthermore, we provide the one of the most affordable rates with discounts while maintaining high level of professionalism in our teaching standards. These are all made possible due to the streamlining of our tutoring services since we specialised in catering to only two subjects, Physics and Chemistry.

Our Classes

We provide two types of classes for to help our students prepare for VCE. They are the Intensive Classes and the Weekly Classes. The Weekly Classes are held weekly except during the school vacations while the Intensive classes are held five days a week, during weekdays for two weeks in the school vacation. For each subject, the duration of each class is 2 hours for Year 11 and 2 hours for Year 12 students.

We provide very competitive hourly rates, which are cheaper than any of the other tutoring centers such that they are open to most high school senior students.

We manage to maintain a high quality tuition service at a low cost so as our students tuition cost low. We aim to continuously improve the quality of education in Australia.